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Encounter Tokens | Double-sided Battle Markers


Elevate your tabletop gaming experience with Encounter Tokens, the ultimate accessory for versatile gameplay. These 3D-printed tokens are all dual-sided, offering endless options to customize your game. Mark status effects and downed characters easily, or swap out enemies, obstacles, and objectives on the fly.


Designed for convenience, Encounter Tokens are perfect for traveling Game Masters, providing a lightweight and compact alternative to miniatures. Tokens are perfectly sized for standard 1″ battle mats and integrate seamlessly with Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, and other TTRPGs. Unleash your creativity and shape epic battles with these Encounter Tokens!


What you get:


Full Set (44 pieces total):

– Character Tokens Set (13 pieces)

– Enemy Tokens Set (17 pieces)

– Obstacle Tokens Set (14 pieces)

– A pouch to hold your tokens


Character Tokens (14 pieces; all 1″ diameter):

– 14 unique tokens depicting a variety of character and class types (same design with inverted colors on reverse)

– Monk character token included, but not pictured


Enemy Tokens (17 pieces, mixed sizes):

– 1 large-sized Dragon / Demon boss token (2″ diameter)

– 6 Skull / “X” tokens (numbered; 1″ diameter)

– 6 Humanoid / Helmet tokens (numbered; 1″ diameter)

– 4 Wolf / Spider tokens (numbered; 1″ diameter)


Obstacle Tokens (14 pieces; all 1″ diameter):

– 4 Door / Key tokens

– 4 Treasure Chest / Loot Bag tokens

– 4 Trap / Mask tokens

– 2 Book / Spell Effect tokens


Customized a Set:

I’m happy to work with you to put a custom set together. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll work together on it!


For custom colors, please select the Custom option from the colors menu above. Custom colors are made-to-order and are a little more expensive as a result. Please add your preferred Base and Text color selections in the Custom Colors field. Available custom colors: Red, Blue, Black, White, Lime Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple.


Encounter Tokens are made in Wisconsin and printed from plant-based PLA plastic, built to last. To keep them looking great, it’s best to keep them under 140° Fahrenheit (60° Celsius). Higher temperatures can cause deformation or discoloration, so keep ’em cool. Since these tokens are 3D printed, you might notice some tiny quirks between them—like wisps of filament or slight misalignments. But don’t worry! Each shipment goes through a thorough quality check to make sure everything meets our high standards. These minor variations won’t affect their functionality or overall quality, but please reach out if you feel we’ve missed the mark. We’re all about bringing joy to your tabletop gaming, and we’re proud to deliver products that do just that. Game on!


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Encounter Tokens | Double-sided Battle Markers
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